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Pikul EP


Silversun Pickups’ widely anticipated debut EP, Pikul, will be released July 26, 2005 on Dangerbird Records.

Silversun Pickups coalesced in the east-side Los Angeles enclave of Silverlake. The area’s thriving music community has spawned many a critical darling, including Earlimart and Autolux. Local camaraderie developed further when a handful of these bands formed a loose collective known as The Ship. They play together, live together and appear on each other’s albums, as demonstrated by the six-song Pikul: “All the Go In Betweens” was recorded by Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza.

Said the Los Angeles Times of Silversun Pickups’ sonic signature: “The band’s sound is distinctive – over Nikki Monninger’s loping, occasionally acrobatic bass lines, [frontman Brian] Aubert sings in a faintly tortured voice, and his penchant for painterly guitar textures is played out in dreamy layers or neck-snapping cascades of riffage Neil Young would love.”

The band’s continual gigging has earned them a devoted following and established them as a must-see local live act. Silversun Pickups have begun broadening their reach beyond their home base, however, with their most recent performance transpiring in Toronto at the NXNE Festival.

Produced by Rod Cervera at Clearlake Audio and Sunset Sound except, All the Go Inbetweens – recorded by Aaron Espinoza at The Ship in 2002. The Fuzz recored by Brian Thornell at The Ship in 2003. All songs written by Silversun Pickups, except Creation Lake by The Movies (2002). Mixed by Rod Cervera. Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Mastering.

Track Listing

1. Kissing Families
2. Comeback Kid
3. Booksmart Devil
4. The Fuzz
5. Creation Lake
6. All The Go Inbetweens
7. Sci Fi Lullaby

DGB003 – CD
DGB003V – 12” Vinyl Format
DGB008 – 10” Vinyl Format

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