You turn it on. Turn it up. And the feedback-filled guitars of “Northern Soul” instantly wash over you like an old friend. The pounding rhythms get down into your bones, making it impossible to sit still. And those melodies…they stick with you for days. “Baby, you’ve got me talking words…” There’s a new sheen at play here, courtesy of studio guru, Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups, J Dilla), allowing the sunburnt harmonies to part through the sonic squall like an indie rock Moses. A sophomore record in every sense of the word, 2, will be released August 5, 2008.

Produced by Dave Cooley. Mixed by Tony Hoffer.

Track Listing

1. Northern Soul
2. Blue Day
3. Two Ways Out
4. Pale Sun
5. White Composition
6. Add One To The Other One
7. Even In Your Lightest Day
8. All The Hurry And Wait
9. Waves
10. Talking Words
11. Immediate Undertaking


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