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Leo Magnets Joins A Gang

Leo Magnets Joins A Gang Leo Magnets Joins A Gang

Released: Jul 22, 2008

Formats: Digital

Singer/songwriter, designer and actor David Wiley Rennick, best known for producing two internationally celebrated albums as part of Dappled Cities, has turned his hand to a blend of myth, music and storytelling with his least democratic work to date, The Curse of Company.

THE LAND occupied by The Curse of Company is eerily embodied in the debut record, Leo Magnets joins a gang, and for it’s creation Rennick collaborated with the equally enigmatic talents of the redsunband’s Sarah Kelly (vocals), Mr Bungle / Secret Chiefs 3’s Danny Heifetz (drums, percussion), Jack Ladder (bass guitar), and Gerling’s Burke Reid (co-producer, engineer).

THE GANG extends to involve other prolific and committed artists (including photographer Glen “Wilk” Wilkie and film director Zane Pearson), seeing the entire alliance reminiscent of that momentous Australian era that spawned the likes of The Dirty Three and The Bad Seeds.

THE MUSIC draws on Rennick’s multi-platform artistic practices to convey story on a massive scale, mixing the psychedelic influence of The Velvet Underground with Neil Young’s scalding alt-rock and folk, and drawing on classic, coming-of-age storytelling that recalls a dizzying mix of The Odyssey, Blade Runner, 2001 and Apocalypse Now.


  1. The Parade Devine
  2. Fleets In The Fog
  3. Any Day
  4. Homecoming
  5. Leo Magnets Sings
  6. All The Mines
  7. Side By Side
  8. I Have A Simple Life
  9. The Kites Of The Countries
  10. White Clothes
  11. Oh Brother

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