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My Rocks Are Dreams

My Rocks Are Dreams My Rocks Are Dreams

Released: Feb 12, 2013

Formats: CD, Digital

With My Rocks Are Dreams, the debut album by his new group Psychic Friend, Will Schwartz updates California chamber or piano pop, aided by drummers Patty Schemel and Tripp Beam and instrumentalist-coproducer Bo Boddie. The result is the freshest and most personal chapter in Schwartz’s musical story, one that has ranged from the guitar pop of Imperial Teen to the D.I.Y. dance music of Hey Willpower.


  1. We Do Not Belong
  2. Once A Servant
  3. Water Sign
  4. Quality Control
  5. Shouldn't Have Tried Again
  6. Softer Side
  7. Silent Show
  8. Never Burn, Never Bruise
  9. The Kids Are OK
  10. Telekinesis

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