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nav/attack ERRRORS

Released: Jul 8, 2016

Formats: Digital, LP


An inventive re-imagining of the vision first presented by artist, producer and engineer Andrew Lynch on the 2015 nav/attack debut, ERRRORS expands upon that album’s incisive commentary on the intersection of human and computer by breaking it down and flipping the script.

“Software is ‘forked’ all the time,” Lynch said, explaining the agenda in revisiting the tracks. “Using the first album as source material, I started altering it at the composition level, sometimes re-defining the mood and sometimes destroying the original idea,” Lynch recalled. With song reconstructions and cinematic interludes, the private mix-tape pastiche of Errrors launches listeners deeper into nav/attack’s universe.

Underground rap artists G13 and ATCKMD broaden Lynch’s dystopian vision with sharp performances that elevate the beats, pull the listener out of the circuits and deposit them squarely back onto the boulevards of L.A.


  1. Seconds For Minutes (Feat. G13)
  2. A Message From Dr. Ross Arlen
  3. More Gyms (Feat. ATKCMD)
  4. Deadline (Feat. Adam Goldberg & ATKCMD)
  5. The Blood Dealer (Feat. Adam Goldberg & Colin Burns)
  6. Midnight Vision (Feat. G13 & ATKCMD)
  7. In Between
  8. The Omnymity Crisis
  9. Prey To Anyone
  10. A Different Here (Promo)
  11. Better Than TV (Feat. Operator 2)

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ERRRORS Jul 8, 2016


nav/attack Oct 2, 2015

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