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nav/attack is the recording project of Los Angeles based artist Andrew Lynch. The moniker is derived from an 80’s “War Games-esque” software that uses a computer to locate a specific target and relay information back to it’s human counterpart. To avoid misunderstandings with a computer, you must learn its language.

Written, Recorded, Produced, and Performed by Andrew Lynch, the eponymous debut of nav/attack, is a full-length trip through the post-Computer Age where each technological stream flows intravenously into the consciousness. Piano, trumpet, drums, and bass are invaded by drum machines, computer speech, vocoders, and vintage samplers. The album being chockfull of this interaction, between human and computer, is where Lynch feels most at home. While utilizing vocoders and synthesizers, the record swims with real human emotion. From love and loneliness, to technophobia and transformative bliss. The relationship between nav/attack and it’s user, could not be more succinct.

Due out July 8th 2016, ERRORS is an inventive re-imagining of the vision first presented by Lynch on the 2015 debut nav/attack. It upon that album’s incisive commentary on the intersection of human and computer by breaking it down and flipping the script.

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