The One AM Radio

This Too Will Pass


The One AM Radio is the work of singer/composer/beatmaker Hrishikesh Hirway. His songs are full of waking up from dreams, the strange bittersweet feeling of digging through your memory. Pizzicato strings and giant, echoing beats frame his homemade recordings and ghostly vocals.

Written, arranged and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway | The One AM Radio. Mixed by Justin Stanley. Mastered by Dave Cooley. Performed by HH, Geeta Abad, Lara Cushing, Daedelus, Paul Findlen, Forbes Graham, Cassandra Lomas, Badgie Miller, Jane Yakowitz. Cover photograph by Kora Manheimer. Back cover photograph by Peter Walker. Artwork and design by HH.

Track Listing

1. The Harvest
2. In The Time We've Got
3. Lest I Forget
4. Mercury
5. Cast Away
6. Our Fall Apart
7. You Can Still Run
8. Fires
9. The Echoing Airports
10. Coming Back
11. Your Name
12. A Brittle Filament
13. Where I'm Headed

Other Releases

Credible Threats
Released: Apr 17, 2010
Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread
CD, LP, Digital
Released: Apr 12, 2011

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