What I've Seen

Digital/Vinyl Exclusive

The Fling are set to release their seven song EP What I’ve Seen on Dangerbird Records on November 1st – their second release for the label following their LP When The Madhouses Appear. The EP highlights the band’s lush guitar sound-scapes and ethereal harmonies on songs written by brothers Graham and Dustin Lovelis as well as newest addition, Joel Bond.

Of the EP, Graham says, “What I’ve Seen is a collection of songs that were written and recorded very quickly. That process helped capture the band’s unfiltered sound. Some of the songs came into the studio as adults and knew exactly what they wanted while others were in the awkward, pre-teen stages and needed some navigation. We purposefully went into the studio with unrehearsed songs to liven the sessions. The chaos that comes with letting a young song run rampant is one of the most stimulating experiences that artists can have. It’s very engaging for everyone in the room. The kids get vicious, talk back and you have to discipline them. They become our messed up little family that we have to tame. We’re very pleased with the end result and how varied, yet cohesive it came out. It has a mood disorder. It goes back and forth from sunny and upbeat to dark and heavy with no warning and that is how we like it. That’s how life is.”

Track Listing

1. Seeds
2. Teeth
3. Dogpile
4. Leave Me Alone
5. You're In My Dreams
6. Bottom Feeders
7. Cuz A Good Man's Hard To Find



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