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When The Madhouses Appear

The Fling When The Madhouses Appear

Released: May 3, 2011

Formats: CD, Digital, LP

“The album achieves that difficult balance between cohesion and contour: that is, each song has its own silhouette, but is clearly part of the same landscape…heartfelt and personal-an unfiltered transcript of inner monologues.” – LA Record

“Beautifully melodic and well-textured songwriting — instantly sing-alongable yet arranged complexly enough to warrant multiple listens… their angelic harmonies left me speechless the first time they soared through my speakers” – Creative Loafing


  1. Friend Of Mine
  2. Wanderingfoot
  3. Strangers
  4. Nothing Makes Sense
  5. Elinor
  6. No Sleep
  7. Out Of My Head
  8. Dry The Rain
  9. Day I Find
  10. Cold Comfort
  11. Spooks
  12. Devil's Man
  • All songs written by Dustin Lovelis except “Day I Find” by Graham Lovelis and “Spooks” By Dustin Lovelis and Graham Lovelis
  • All songs arranged by The Fling
  • Produced by The Fling and Raymond Richards
  • Engineered by Raymond Richards
  • Additional Engineers: Alyssa Pittaluga and Kelly Winrich
  • Recorded at The Boat and Red Rockets Glare in Los Angeles, CA
  • Additional recording at The Cave, Soundhouse, and aboard the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
  • Mixed by Matt Wignall at Tackyland in Long Beach, CA
  • Mastered by Mike Mireau

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