The Dears

Degeneration Street

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The fifth studio album from Montreal based indie rock band, The Dears. A welcome return to form and for fans of the operatic hysteria of past albums, No Cities Left and Gang of Losers, Degeneration Street finds Murray Lightburn, Natalia Yanchak, Patrick Krief, Robert Benvie, Roberto Arquilla and Jeff Luciani creating a sweeping collection of orchestral pop / rock that is at once enlightening, angst-ridden and mesmerizing.

Degeneration Street is an album propelled by passion and driven by The Dears’ dedication to creating music out of real emotions, music that has connected the group with a legion of fans and critics.

Produced/mixed by Tony Hoffer.

Track Listing

1. Omega Dog
2. 5 Chords
3. Blood
4. Thrones
5. Lamentation
6. Torches
7. Galactic Tides
8. Yesteryear
9. Stick w/ Me Kid
10. Tiny Man
11. Easy Suffering
12. Unsung
13. 1854
14. Degeneration Street


Other Releases

Released: Oct 21, 2008
Omega Dog
Digital Single
Released: Oct 25, 2010
Times Infinity Volume One
Released: Sep 25, 2015

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