Sea Wolf

Old World Romance


Sea Wolf’s founder and leading man, Alex Brown Church (writer/guitar/vocals), shares “After the last record, which was written and recorded far from home and was more of a group experience, I really wanted to stay close to home, be in my own space and give myself room to explore and write and record on my own schedule,” Church continues, “I just felt I needed to bring Sea Wolf back to me, to my world,” Church produced and recorded Old World Romance in the comfort of his home studio, with mixing by Kennie Takahashi (Broken Bells, The Black Keys, Jessica Lea Mayfield).

Track Listing

1. Old Friend
2. In Nothing
3. Priscilla
4. Kasper
5. Blue Stockings
6. Saint Catherine St.
7. Changing Seasons
8. Dear Fellow Traveler
9. Miracle Cure
10. Whirlpool

Other Releases

Leaves In The River
Released: Sep 25, 2007
White Water, White Bloom
Released: Sep 22, 2009
Turn The Dirt Over
Released: Aug 31, 2010
Song of the Magpie / Where the Wind Blows 7"
7-inch Vinyl + Digital
Released: Nov 25, 2011

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