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Lost Loves

Minus The Bear Lost Loves

Released: Oct 7, 2014

Formats: CD, Digital, LP


The follow up to 21012’s Infinity Overhead, which reached #31 on the Billboard 200 as Minus The Bear’s highest charting album to date, Lost Loves lives up to its title quite literally as a collection of hard to let go songs pulled from the band’s past seven odd years of writing, recording and releasing records. “Inevitably some of your favorite songs are going to be cut in the necessity of creating the right sequence for that particular time,” says bassist Cory Murchy. “Regardless of the reason they weren’t included, it wasn’t for lack of love and appreciation of the songs themselves.” Somewhat by chance the black sheep that didn’t quite fit in with Planet of Ice, OMNI, and Infinity Overhead coalesce among their once regretfully forsaken peers. “Perhaps it’s because they didn’t make the past albums that they fit so seamlessly together,” muses Murchy.


  1. Electric Rainbow
  2. Surf-N-Turf
  3. Broken China
  4. Walk On Air
  5. Patiently Waiting
  6. Cat Calls & Ill Means
  7. Invented Memory
  8. South Side Life
  9. Your Private Sky
  10. The Lucky Ones

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