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Murray A. Lightburn Releases Title Track Single From Upcoming Album ‘Once Upon a Time in Montréal’ Out March 31 Feb 22, 2023

Murray A. Lightburn, the longtime frontman of Montreal’s acclaimed The Dears, returned last month to announce his latest solo album, the deeply personal Once Upon a Time in Montréal, will be arriving March 31 via Dangerbird Records. Today, Murray has shared the title-track single, along with a video created by the production team at 4-VU.

Lightburn lightheartedly jokes that Once Upon A Time In Montréal is an audio version of a biopic, inspired by the passing of his father – a jazz musician from Belize who moved to Montreal via New York to reconnect with his teenage sweetheart. Discussing the song he notes, “After getting an education in Jamaica and England, my mom got a job in Montreal as a nurse. My father was living in NYC. They dated back in the old country and reconnected years later in New York. My father didn’t really want to leave for Montreal, but he did. And it was hard for him: the harsh winters, the language barrier, the colour of his skin. He was a skilled musician but that was barely going to keep the lights on — never mind feed a growing family. His lack of formal education, and his lack of French, limited his opportunities. Nevertheless, he just wanted to be with her. So he figured out a way, and that’s what his life was mostly about, I think — what I’ve deduced. Maybe there’s way more to it and that’s the romantic version, but it’s a version at least I can understand. Nothing else computes. My parents stayed married for 56 years.”

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Once Upon A Time In Montreal track list:

  1. Dumpster Gold
  2. No New Deaths Today
  3. In The Kingdom Of Heaven
  4. The Only One I Want To Hear
  5. Oh But My Heart Has Never Been Dark
  6. Reaching Out For Love
  7. Once Upon A Time In Montreal
  8. Girl You’ve Got To Let Me Go

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Murray A. Lightburn

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