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Ten Readings Of A Warning

All Smiles Ten Readings Of A Warning

Released: Apr 24, 2007

Formats: CD, Digital

This is Jim Fairchild’s debut solo outing following his days in the band Grandaddy. Contributors include Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney, Quasi), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession, Magic Magicians), Danny Seim (Lack Thereof, Menomena), and Solon Bixler (Great Northern). Mixed by Brian Deck (Iron And Wine, Modest Mouse) and held together by Fairchild’s spare and decisive sounds and a resistance to over-embellish.


  1. Early Man
  2. Summer Stay
  3. Killing Sheep
  4. Pile Of Burning Leaves
  5. The Velvetest Balloon
  6. Moth In A Cloud Of Smoke
  7. I Know It's Wrong
  8. Leave Love
  9. Backward Forward Through
  10. Sprinting Hyphens
  11. Of Course It's Not Up To Me

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All Smiles

Moth In A Cloud Of Smoke Apr 24, 2007

All Smiles

Ten Readings Of A Warning Apr 24, 2007

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