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Dappled Cities Granddance

Released: Jun 5, 2007

Formats: CD, Digital

Described variably as a “cross between Pavement, The Flaming Lips, and an episode of Sesame Street” as well as “some kind of weird s**t that just rocks.” “Granddance” was produced by Jim Fairchild (Grandaddy), Peter Walker, and Jacquire King (Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Kings Of Leon). “Fun exuberant indie-pop that’s weird enough to be interesting and familiar enough to be indelibly catchy” – Rolling Stone.


  1. Holy Chord
  2. Work It Out
  3. Fire Fire Fire
  4. Colour Coding
  5. Beach Song
  6. Vision Bell
  7. The Eve The Girl
  8. Granddance
  9. Within Hours
  10. Watercourse
  11. Battleworn

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