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Alive As You Are

Darker My Love Alive As You Are

Released: Aug 17, 2010

Formats: CD, Digital, LP

Informed by profound personal tragedy, Alive As You Are is the Los Angeles-based band’s most musically focused and emotionally direct collection to date. Songs like “June Bloom” and “Dear Author” see DML traveling away from their trademark psychedelic power drones to a more evocative approach reliant on bold, straightforward songcraft and earthy, intricate arrangements. The band’s third Dangerbird Records album, Alive As You Are marks an extraordinary reinvention for Darker My Love – a rambling, powerfully realized work of great nuance and even greater heart.


  1. Backseat
  2. Split Minute
  3. 18th Street Shuffle
  4. New America
  5. Rain Party
  6. Maple Day Getaway
  7. Trail The Line
  8. June Bloom
  9. Dear Author
  10. A Lovely Game
  11. Cry On Me Woman

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