LA-based Mexican-American songwriter, performer and producer Joel Jerome is set to release his new Super Flower Blood Moon LP on May 13 via Dangerbird Records. With inspiration spanning from the Mexican pop music his parents played throughout his childhood to the timeless melodies of the Beach Boys, the collection is an intimate homage to his upbringing. Today, he debuts the stripped-down track “Nobody Like You” with an accompanying lyric video. Jerome’s earnest vocals shine as he meditates on the intrinsic human ego and letting go of those who flaunt an inflated self-perception.

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Since first emerging with his crucial SoCal indie pop outfit Dios (Malos) in 2004, Jerome has become renowned for his work with artists such as LA Witch, La Sera and Cherry Glazerr at his own Psychedelic Thriftstore recording studio. Throughout the pandemic, the collaborative influence of Dangerbird A&R director Jim Fairchild led him to step away from his studio gear and take a simpler approach to songwriting where he relied solely on his phone’s voice recorder and a basic four-track app. To Joel, it felt like a sort of challenge. “They just wanted to hear the bare soul of the song, which I totally understand,” he shares. “It really helped fertilize the creative space for me.” He then joined forces with powerhouse producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith) to bring each track to life. The raw beginnings of Super Flower Blood Moon blossomed into an emotive stunner of a collection.

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