This Monday, July 19th, watch The Republic of Sarah on the CW to hear an unreleased Slothrust song from their upcoming album, Parallel Timeline. Episode 6 titled, “A Show Of Hands,” will feature the track “A Giant Swallow”. The Republic of Sarah airs on the CW Mondays at 9:00pm ET / 8:00pm CT. Parallel Timeline pre-orders are available now.


“A Giant Swallow” lyrics:

In love with the water

In lust with the open sky

I swallowed the mirror

Reflect as the days flow by


I circle the moment

I watch myself fail to fly

I’m stuck in the honey

I’m stuck on the reasons why


It breaks like a thunder

It sinks like a crystal ball

I can’t feel my fingers

I can’t feel myself at all


Fight fire with fire

I’m swimming in turpentines

We’re all full of toxins

No one ever seems to mind


This dance is so crazy

I can’t seem to catch this grind

There I go again judging

What I can’t seem to leave behind


Like all of these demons

They pin me against the wall

My hunger is a symptom

Wake up thirsty or not at all


The moss it is glowing

Still wet in the morning sun

Thought I saw a ladder

To climb when the day is done


Thought I saw a swallow

It swallowed the glory whole

I’m not asking for favors

I just want some dice to roll


I’ll return to the ocean

Return to the womb again

Inside of the mother

Won’t have any questions then

Won’t have any questions then

Won’t have any questions