Arthur King Presents” is an ongoing experimental album series featuring an array of artists pushing personal boundaries and creating unique and unexpected genre-bending compositions. The series is presented by the Los Angeles experimental music/art collective Arthur King and Dangerbird Records.

The newest installment in the series is Atlantis Airport 1982 by Joel Jeronimo and Jimi Cabeza de Vaca, an album that runs the gamut from glittering new age ambience to the thundering industrial beats of a John Carpenter film.

The artists describe the album fittingly in their own words: “Atlantis Airport 1982 is an album that synthesizes realism and fantasy. Written and recorded in Los Angeles on analog and digital instruments, it tells the story of a city that paralleled ours. ‘Atlantis,’ the first track, introduces us to the atmospheres of Atlantis. The second track, ‘Airport,’ merges our worlds. The third and final track, ‘1982,’ is the soundtrack to a video game based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, or as it is known in Atlantis, Jeromeo and Juliet. Please enjoy.”

This one is a journey through some truly magnificent and strange terrains. Atlantis Airport 1982 is out now on Dangerbird Records.