Today, NO WIN share “Hit The Line,” the newest single off their forthcoming album, Dodger Stadium, due August 19 via Dangerbird Records. The new track, along with the band’s entire forthcoming album, was co-written by Jeff Enzor (Joyce Manor, Merry Christmas) and David Jerkovich (Deep Dreem, Ill Lit, Kind Of Like Spitting). The single — a chunky synth-based track with peppy piano chords and soaring, confident melodies — comes alongside a vintage karaoke-style music video.

Speaking on their new single, Danny Nogueiras wrote:

“‘Hit The Line’ was written by me and two friends (Jeff Enzor, David Jerkovich). We all brought our own meanings and interpretations to the table but I think the song is ultimately about being that unreliable person hurting someone you love. We tried to juxtapose that feeling against a fun dance-y track that felt like a party.”

NO WIN shared a new EP entitled  Enhanced CD, earlier this year. The release is a tight blast of positive 90s vibes which includes singles “New Year” and “Spent Outside,” and “The Hit.” The EP is available now as a digital release and a limited-edition CD from Dangerbird Records.