NO WIN channel 90’s nostalgia in a dreamy new single “After Your Legs (Alternate Version)” out March 13th. A reimagining of the lead-off track from their debut LP downey, frontman Danny Nogueiras finds a sense of closure in this alternate take, the completion of the circle that began with the album, and transcended it in a vision of what’s to come:

“I think this being the last single of the downey era it seems appropriate to me that it’s the same song as the first. ‘After Your Legs’ was the first song I wrote for NO WIN and it still serves as a sort of guiding light for the band. I think taking it in a different direction and recording it looser and without a sonic similarity to its album presentation is a way to begin exploring what could be next. Reminding myself that the whole point of NO WIN in its inception was to not overthink things. Do what feels right, do what’s fun, and explore things freely.”

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