The latest addition to our Microdose monthly music series is here! Mirrorball‘s new single “Natural World” is out now and available for you hear on your preferred music platform.

The song premiered in LA Record yesterday with a glowing review, stating “On ‘Natural World’ they’re matching stylishly narcoticized 80s FM AOR production to a melancholy song about uncertainty and confusion. If there’s unexplored territory between Fleetwood Mac’s best b-sides and Kate Bush at her most celestial, that’s where Mirrorball wants to be.”

Mirrorball’s singer Alexandra Johnstone describes the song’s origin and meaning to LA Record, stating “‘Natural World’ is about how life starts to get really weird once you get to a certain age. Old relationships fall apart either through misunderstanding or understanding each other too well. It’s also about losing people to more tragic circumstances and how it feels as if there’s ‘no reason’ good enough for it to have happened. All of a sudden you feel like a creaky ship whose compass and anchor have been lost overboard. You’re in the middle of stormy seas and now you have to figure out how the hell to get anywhere without any of the navigation you used to rely on. You start to make all these resolutions to yourself like, ‘I’m just going to stay home and drink tea and read books and live the quiet life.’ It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s a good dream to have.”

Listen to “Natural World” here.