We at Dangerbird Records are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited new Holly Miranda album Mutual Horse is out today. Mutual Horse was featured exclusively yesterday on Billboard, where the full album stream premiered and Holly discusses its deeply personal backstory:


“‘It’s a heavy thing and a very beautiful thing to share right now,’ NYC-based singer Holly Miranda explains of her new album, Mutual Horse. The record is dedicated to her mother Gina, who passed away almost a month to the day before its release. ‘That’s not to say it’s a mournful listening experience,’ Miranda told Billboard. ‘I would say it’s one of the more joyful and funky things I’ve ever made, but there are a few tracks that will be tough for me to sing live. It’s a journey, for sure.'”


Holly went on to describe Mutual Horse as “the most soul-baring album I’ve ever made.” We couldn’t be more proud to release this album through Dangerbird. It is available now in both physical and digital formats through all major music retailers and services, and don’t miss Holly on tour this year either!