Los Angeles’ Mediocre are anything but. The duo of Piper Torrison and Keely Martin seem to thrive off of their longtime friendship and creative relationship, crafting songs that are equal parts sweet and sour, with saccharine vocal melodies and lovelorn lyrics buttressing fuzzier guitar hooks. Their well-developed sound is entering a new phase through a special three-song release through Dangerbird Records’ ongoing Microdose single series. If you’ve been following the series, you know that each band has contributed two songs, but the label made a special exception for Mediocre, who are treating fans to a trio of tunes. Today, we’re excited to premiere the lead single from the band’s contribution to the series, “Waiting For Your Heart,” and the accompanying video.

“Waiting For Your Heart” really strikes that aforementioned balance between sweet and sour, as Torrison and Martin surround their sugary melodies and halcyon harmonies with distorted guitars. It’s bouncy and upbeat, contrasting sharply with its lovesick lyrics, which focus on the pain of seeing the object of your affection giving their love and attention to someone else, but nevertheless, holding onto hope that things may change. The video has a real mid-afternoon and mid-century vibe to it, capturing shots of Torrison and Martin rocking out in the sunshine on some very green grass and spending time indoors amongst some vintage-looking furniture and other household relics, including a bright pink rotary phone. You’ll certainly dig the video’s retro feel.

Stream the video below!

Keep up with the band by following them on Instagram, as they’ll be releasing the remaining two singles very soon. You can also stream their music on Spotify or purchase it on Bandcamp.