Last year Harry the Nightgown released their self-titled debut on Topshelf Records, turning heads with their singular brand of art pop and boundless experimentation. The duo formed in the dimly lit rooms of the infamous Tiny Telephone Recording Studio, where they honed their skills as engineers and producers, tinkering into the early hours of the morning and piecing together what would become HTN.


Now, they’ve relocated to LA and signed to Dangerbird Records. Their first contribution to the labels Microdose Series is “If You Were Wrong”, a blistering track about their own tenuous romance, pitting Sami Perez‘s (Cherry Glazerr, The Shes) soaring voice against Spencer Hartling‘s playful baritone. Distorted drum samples crack and crunch, synthesizers sparkle and sputter, and the jangle of acoustic guitars echoes in the background. The accompanying visual depicts a glorious medieval drama, Perez eventually murdering a king to become his queen’s lover.


Watch the video below, and stay tuned for more from the rising group.


“If You Were Wrong” Official Music Video