The Rosen brothers have premiered a brand new track and 360 video today via Under The Radar!

Regarding the process of recording in lockdown Michael Rosen reveals, “We worked on it in my studio, recording all the parts ourselves, except for the drums. We had our drummer track his parts from his own home set-up. So it was definitely a creative isolation method of recording.”

“Creating the immersive 360/VR music video for “Outside” was an exercise in escapism. We wanted to construct an absurd and colorful dream world that we could visit any time while stuck in our homes. There were moments of such pure joy in making this video. The creative freedom of designing our own immersive environment during this time felt incredibly healing. Our two biggest visual inspirations for the piece were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the Garden of Earthly Delights. I have a large poster of the Bosch painting next to my desk, and had just rewatched Willy Wonka a few days before starting this project, so I had subconsciously metabolized those vivid and saturated aesthetics,” says Jonathan Rosen.

Check the video out for yourself here and buy or stream the song on the platform of your choice here!