John Herndon – the massively influential and highly respected drummer, producer, and founding member of post-rock icons Tortoise – has released his debut LP under the moniker A Grape Dope.  Arthur King Presents A Grape Dope: Backyard Banger consolidates blasts of experimental hip hop beats, grinding lo-fi house grooves, clattering noise passages, and even subdued synth ambiance into a concise and colorful 32-minute journey. The album features vocal contributions from celebrated artist Travis Millard (The Other Fudge) and rare vocals from Herndon himself. 

A long time visual artist with a body of work that includes painting, illustration, embroidery, tattooing, collage, and hand-painted t-shirts Herndon has created an incredible set of videos for the album. The newest one for “You Don’t Have To” proceeds the painstakingly intricate and hand-drawn videos for “Puppet Clubbing” and “Nod To The Peanuts”.