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New Spain Album Mandala Brush Out Now! Sep 28, 2018

We are elated to announce the long-awaited new album Mandala Brush from the legendary Los Angeles group Spain is finally out now! Spain is the brainchild of Josh Haden and their music has been described as a unique patchwork of “indie pop slowcore americana free jazz.” Mandala Brush traverses this stylistic territory but stretches further beyond these traditional notions of genre or category, providing the listener with a beautiful pastiche of organic sounds to form a cohesive musical narrative.

Mandala Brush features longtime collaborators Kenny Lyon (guitar), Shon Sullivan (acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Danny Frankel (drums). The album also features musical contributions from Josh’s sisters Petra Haden (violin, backing vocals) and Tanya Haden (cello, backing vocals), along with Mike Bolger (accordion, trumpet), Matthew DeMerritt (flute, saxophone), and David Ralicke (clarinet, flute, trombone), all regulars at Spain’s long-running Los Angeles residency at the Love Song Bar where all of Mandala Brush‘s songs were developed and refined.

Regarding the album title Mandala Brush, Josh Haden says, “A mandala is an ancient and sacred symbol representing the oneness of the universe. The ‘brush’ in the context of this album is a modern and secular tool used in computer art applications. The mandala brush helps facilitate the creation of mandalas, but is never a finished mandala in and of itself.”

Experience Mandala Brush right now on your preferred digital music platform and catch Spain on tour in Europe right now!


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Mandala Brush Sep 28, 2018

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