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New Release – Arthur King Presents Peter Walker, David Ralicke, Danny Frankel: King Ming May 25, 2018

The next chapter in the experimental “Arthur King Presents” series is here! Arthur King Presents Peter Walker, David Ralicke, Danny Frankel: King Ming is the culmination of several weeks of deep studio experimentation and improvisation for multi-instrumentalists Peter Walker, David Ralicke, and Danny Frankel. In a departure from their usual roles in the larger 8-piece group Arthur King & The Night Sea, this album finds them in a condensed trio formation exploring more uptempo musical territories.

King Ming encapsulates the heightened energy and stylistic reference points of reggae and funk while retaining the freeform leanings and dub-y production techniques of Arthur King & The Night Sea. The trio focus their attention on more raucous, noisy songs built off a foundation of overdriven breakbeats and unorthodox percussive phrases, incorporating the sounds of found objects such as pieces of metal and a hubcap alongside conventional drums. Crunched-up bass loops, wild staccato horn lines, buoyant guitars, and spindly keyboards weave around this rhythmic underpinning to form a wall of sound that is both chaotic and deliberate.

Equally indebted to the bold improvisational instrumentation of Miles Davis’ electric period and the opaque, unhinged sonic palette of Latin Playboys, King Ming bypasses easy categorization and stands on its own as a singular, adventurous album of enigmatic compositions. Listen now!

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Peter Walker, David Ralicke, Danny Frankel

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Peter Walker, David Ralicke, Danny Frankel

Arthur King Presents: King Ming May 25, 2018

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