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Announcing New Dangerbird Series “Arthur King Presents” & Its Newest Artist, Coleman Zurkowski! Feb 16, 2018

Dangerbird Records is pleased to announce “Arthur King Presents,” a new series of experimental music releases originally stemming from the psychedelic L.A. supergroup Arthur King & The Night Sea. Tapping into an extensive array of  musicians, this new series aims to highlight a collection of unique artistic visions while presenting them in a new cohesive context that bridges gaps between jazz, dub, psych-rock, and electronic styles. Forthcoming releases include artists such as Tim RutiliBill BairdJoel Jerome, and many others.

The first release in the “Arthur King Presents” series is Coleman Zurkowski’s ZERO, which is out today! In Coleman’s own words, “ZERO is an exploration of the physical and emotional effects of binaural/isochronic rhythms which are gradually slowing into silence.” Originally accompanied by an experimental film of the same name, ZERO delves deep, juxtaposing electronic textures with organic instruments such as harp, clarinet, piano, and vocals to construct its slow motion sonic landscapes.

Born in Baltimore and currently based in NYC, Coleman has recently toured his music and film projects throughout the U.S. in venues such as Coaxial in Los Angeles, The Innerspace in Cleveland, Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami (as part of Art Basel), and more. Hear the new release in full here and if you are based in Boston make sure to catch his film screening TONIGHT at Washington Street Art Center (WSAC).

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Coleman Zurkowski

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Coleman Zurkowski

Arthur King Presents: ZERO Feb 16, 2018

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