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The Arthur King collective and Dangerbird Records are excited to announce the latest installment in our Arthur King Presents experimental album series, Randy Randall’s Sound Field Volume One.

Randy Randall is a Grammy-nominated composer, songwriter, and guitarist of the experimental punk group No Age. Rooted in the Los Angeles DIY music scene that grew out of Downtown Los Angeles all-ages venues like The Smell, Randall has created a signature sound that encapsulates both beautifully fuzzed-out soundscapes and fully-distorted, hard-hitting punk ferocity.

Sound Field Volume One, Randall’s solo debut, finds him in a fully contemplative mode. The album unfolds as a series of instrumental ambient pieces inspired by Southern California’s Interstate 10 highway and the varying landscapes it passes through. Beginning with the soft, soothing drones of the desert sunrise, Sound Field traverses the westward path of I-10 through the outer suburban sprawl of Southern California and the dense urban congestion of Downtown Los Angeles, concluding on the shores of Santa Monica Beach as shimmering arpeggios imitate the light reflecting off the waves of a Pacific Ocean sunset. Constructed entirely from manipulated guitar recordings, the eight pieces on this album segue together seamlessly, each one gently reflecting its corresponding environment yet never deviating too far from a singular, meditative sonic disposition. The compositions found on Sound Field Volume One have a direct connection to Randall’s early teenage bedroom recording experiments with drones and guitar feedback, sounds he has always hinted at in the more atmospheric sections of No Age albums but never fully explored in long form until now.

Arthur King Presents Randy Randall: Sound Field Volume One is out March 29th, 2019 on Dangerbird Records.

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