Psychic Friend
Psychic Friend - My Rocks Are Dreams DIGITAL REISSUE COMING
AUGUST 13, 2013

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"Their first single, the vaguely glammy “Once a Servant,” bounces like a Super Ball (remember those?), and it a lot easier to catch. Sticky." Buzz Bands LAMay 2011
"This is a beautifully constructed pop song, the parts are simple but very emphatic." Flux BlogNovember 2011
"You could say Psychic Friend is new Californian pop. The piano-based melodic immediacy of the group's sound has a kinship to Carole King's solo work, or Burt Bacharach and some of his hits for psychic and other friends, yet both the sound and the lyrical content is very contemporary, not retro." San Francisco Bay GuardianFebruary 2011
"catchy as the common cold." Indies and The UndergroundFebruary 2011



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