Bullet In The Rain

Digital 45

The first in a series of “digital 45s” from Division Day. Features two new songs from Division Day.

Recorded by Scott Solter at Baucom Road in North Carolina: drums, piano, diabolical casio, steel drums, percussion, hornguitars, choral vocals. Hornguitars and Piano processing by Scott Solter. Choral vocals by Wendy Allen, arranged by Rohner Segnitz.

Recorded by Chris Reynolds at Sunset & Lucille: vocals, bass, cymbals, guitar. Boxharp recorded and sequenced by Kevin Lenhart at Hloobzgaraj. Saxophones performed and recorded by Aran Tanchum. Mixed and mastered by Todd Burke at OHM Studios, with additional audio consultation by C.A.C.A.

Track Listing

1. Bullet In The Rain
2. Into The Briers


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