CD, LP (with 64-page book), Digital

Armed with words about angst, innocence, hope and infatuation, Peter Walker went back to his own adolescence when creating the music. “I knew it was going to be this Ramones kind of aggressive thing because that’s where I was at when a was a teen – that kind of awkwardness and discomfort and the tough growth that happens. It just seems like it needs that kind of power.”

The entire album bristles with the jittery restlessness of adolescence, reverberates with the jaded hopefulness of youth, occasionally bursts with frustration – and comes together with the easy, almost relaxed assurance of four musicians at the top of their game – Peter Walker (Eulogies), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (M83, Beck, Nine Inch Nails), Denny Weston Jr (The Kooks), and James King (Fitz and The Tantrums).

Check out the unhinged nature of the sax in “Outta Reach,” the ease of how the band gels together (gang vocals included) in “Pick Me Up” and the ska/rock (or is that punk?) fusion between the verse and chorus of “Tomorrow I Might Feel The Same” for starters.

It should be duly noted that the album was also inspired, encouraged and eventually documented by the visual artist Mark Todd. Not only is his artwork featured in the 64-page book that accompanies the album (and works nicely as a stand-alone piece); he was an integral part of the recording process, providing an evolving visual landscape in the studio as the record was recorded.

Produced by Peter Walker
Executive Producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Track Listing

1. Nothing That I Care About
2. Tomorrow I Might Feel The Same
3. Young Love
4. Outta Reach
5. Speeding Away
6. Pick Me Up
7. Was There Really Any Chance?
8. Today
9. At Least Now I Have Something
10. Something All Our Own
11. I'm Angry
12. I'm A Wreck
13. Push Shove



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