7-Inch Box Set


Exclusive Record Store Day boxed set features three 7-inch singles of “Bring The Light,” “Four Letter Word,” and “The Roller” plus three b-sides from the United Kingdom not available on the album.

Digital download includes all 7-inch tracks plus previously unreleased live recordings of “The Beat Goes On,” “Three Ring Circus,” and “Millionaire.”

Exclusive 13×19” poster.

USA release only limited to 2,000 pieces.

Track Listing

1. Bring The Light
2. Sons of the Stage
3. Four Letter Word
4. World Outside My Room
5. The Roller
6. Two of A Kind
7. The Beat Goes On (Live from KEXP)
8. Three Ring Circus (Live from KEXP)
9. Millionaire (Live from KEXP)



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