Your favorite surf-rock power couple *repeat repeat took to Huffington Post today to talk about the ins and outs of all twelve tracks in their newest album, Floral Canyon. Jared also gives a prelude of insight behind the overall sound that he and Kristyn have been conjuring up leading to the making of Floral Canyon:

“A mix between sunny, beach hangs (like in the opening track “Everybody’s Falling in Love”) the frustration of an tumultuous relationship (“Mostly”) political defiance (“Plugged In”) and an element of spooky surf-pop (“Hooks” and “Polina Beefman”) all dance around throughout the record like chapters of a bigger story. We connected the whole record throughout with bits of a 60’s organ called an Optigan and wanted each song to express a specific story in our lives that we’ve experienced either personally or by proxy.” 

Stream the full album commentary now, exclusively on Huffington Post.