Criminal Hygiene are a day away from the official release of Run It Again, but you can cozy up with their new album now courtesy of an exclusive stream from Kerrang! and be ahead of the curve on a “singalong album that’ll have you feeling chill while driving to work but energetic and bouncy when you hear it in a beery rock venue.”

Kerrang! gives an appropriate accolade when describing the Los Angeles based band as “pure dive bar party rock” considering the album’s title was quite literally born in a barroom.

Run It Again started as bar room catch phrase and ended up being the words to describe the last few years of our lives making this record,” says guitarist and vocalist Michael Fiore. “Everyone seems to romanticize the hustle or grind or however you want to define working towards an artistic vision in the music industry, and ‘run it again’ are the words we’ve used to get by. From the mouth of a drunk, a mantra for all. When shit doesn’t seem to quite be what you thought, you can always run it again. It’s like mulligan for people who fucking hate golf.”

Check out the stream below, pre-order Run It Again, and be inspired by “the kind of tunes that drag you into the next room with a fresh beer.”