The sophomore album from Slothrust entitled Everyone Else is available today on vinyl, CD, and on all digital music services.

Download the album on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play // Stream on Spotify or Apple Music // Order Vinyl & CD from Amazon or the Dangerbird webstore.

“In comparison to previous albums, it’s slower, more introspective, and patient with itself. The hard, riff-centered jams Slothrust does so well are still there, though this time they feel  more like a means of procrastination.” – Noisey

“…a rip-roaring quick hit that places Leah Wellbaum’s gravelly voice over some ferocious-sounding guitars.”


“Listen to songs by Slothrust, and you’ll hear aggressive sounds that hearken back to early-’90s rock bands like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. Listen more closely, and you’ll also hear elements of the blues that the band’s members learned when they met in their college’s jazz program.”– NPR MUSIC

“Slothrust exemplify how colorful, fun and insightful rock music can be. The best kind of weird.” – CLRVYNT

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