Slothrust’s new video for “Birthday Cake” might keep the most seasoned psychoanalyst scratching their head. PAPER recently premiered the video and dug into the band’s dream-state inspired visuals.

In the clip, the LA-based threesome, comprised of singer/guitarist Leah Wellbaum, bassist Kyle Bann and drummer Will Gorin, serve up a series of visual ASMR in the form of crushed plums, smeared cake frosting and fuzzy bunnies…The effect of all of this soft, sticky, hyper-tactile imagery with the staccato rhythms of the track from Wellbaum’s guitar licks, Bann’s basslines and Gorin’s drumbeats is pleasingly dissonant.”

Check out the video and watch Slothrust combine the “oddly sensual and overtly sensory.”

The Pact is out now and Slothrust are starting the East coast portion of their tour this month!