Sea Wolf released their long anticipated album ‘Through A Dark Wood’ on March 20th.

“The title comes from the period of time that I was in when I was making this record — going through this,” says Alex Brown Church. “And I’ve come out of it, and I’m on the other side, which is something that I want to start with. I’m through it.”

Through A Dark Wood is a raw, contemplative album that explores the complex feelings surrounding relationships, loss, the magnitude of current events, and ultimately the process of finding hope through it all. Church’s carefully crafted lyrics are wrapped around expansive indie/folk melodies, lush drum machines and a stunning string quartet, maintaining a sense of musical familiarity while still pushing his sound forward. From the resilient, evocative anthems “Blood Pact” and “Two of Us” to the sweeping arrangements and poetic imagery in “Frank O’Hara” and “Back to the Wind”, his ability to gracefully illustrate deep, complex human emotions is on full display. As cathartic as it is triumphant, Through A Dark Wood is a breakthrough moment for Sea Wolf.

Listen now.