Artist Sea Wolf has just released “Forever Nevermore”, a contemplative new song off his forthcoming album Through A Dark Wood out on March 20th.

The music video was also released today available to watch now.

“The song ‘Forever Nevermore’ is set in a very particular place and time, and I like videos that aren’t literal interpretations. The director Jacob Epstein came up with something that was seemingly unrelated, and yet there are enough easter eggs to connect it to the song and the larger narrative of the album,” explains Sea Wolf frontman Alex Brown Church. “The video takes place in Los Angeles, where I live, but I’m living out of a suitcase somewhere. I’m connecting with my friends, life seems to have moved on and there’s this new romantic interest, but somehow I’m seemingly still trapped in a loop, unable to move forward. The song is about indecision really, and here I am still in the feedback loop that indecision can create.”