Slow Mammal. Chemical Reaction. Blistering rock that shape-shifts and rises to every challenge. Slothrust, new transplants to the west coast, celebrate roots both old and new with the new EP, Show Me How You Want It To Be, available for pre-order now on vinyl and digital, to be released November 10th on Dangerbird. Listen to the first single, a cover of “Sex And Candy” by Marcy Playground below!


The EP is a collection of unexpected and inventive takes on classics by icons as diverse as Al Green and Britney Spears, Marcy Playground and Louis Armstrong. Slothrust is led by quitarist and vocalist Leah Wellbaum, and expressive and fiery player with a uniquely deadpan vocal delivery style and  refreshing knack for both depth and absurdity as a songwriter and lyricist.  With bassist Kyle Bann and drummer WiIl Gorin, Slothrust form a trio that is one of the most exciting and agile young rock bands in recent memory.

The EP follows the release of their third full-length release Everyone Else in late 2016, which featured the singles “Horseshoe Crab,” “Rotten Pumpkin” and like a Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone.”