Our ongoing Microdose single series returns today with Unicorns at Heart, a band of young California indie rock upstarts. Rico and Ryan Loredo front the band, two brothers from the dry lands of Hesperia, a desert town several hours northeast of Los AngelesTheir love of music flourished into colorful, meticulously-constructed indie rock landscapes filled with kaleidoscopes of radiant guitar, eloquent synth, and subdued vocals. “Fixture” is Unicorns at Heart’s first song for the Microdose series, a sprawling song of wiry guitar and bouncing piano. Somber melody brings calm before we’re met by the crashing chorus. Listen to it right now!

The music video premiered yesterday on The Alternative and also received a generous write-up from American Songwriter as part of their “Daily Discovery” feature, who state “Despite spanning a nearly four minute run time, ‘Fixture’ appears to come and go with an unnoticeably quick ease. This sense of fluidity is predominant throughout every aspect of the track: its length, Rico Loredo’s swaying vocals, and the near absence of traditional structure in the song’s progression.” The feature also features a brief interview from Rico Loredo on one of his most prominent songwriting inspirations, John Lennon.

We are thrilled to feature Unicorns at Heart as the newest member of the Microdose family. Keep your ears and eyes open for a follow-up single and Los Angeles release party in early April!