JUICEBOXXX – FREAKED OUT AMERICAN LOSER, the official documentary from the positive punk-rapper premiered on Riot Fest. The documentary takes you through the journey that is Juiceboxxx’s extensive musical career spanning from his teens up to the release of his Dangerbird debut LP, Freaked Out American Loser.

Accompanying the premiere is an interview with Miles Raymer of Riot Fest, where they discuss Juiceboxxx’s current career and how his DIY past has shaped his latest record with us.

What I’m trying to say is, even though the sonics and the way I perform music may have been incongruent, I finally think that making records with a band and working with a rock label makes a lot of sense. I’ve been on the periphery of some kind of art-damaged stuff my whole life – and that’ll always be part of what I do – but going forward, I want to make a certain kind of record. – Juiceboxxx via Riot Fest.


Produced by Jacob Cooper and Ride or Cry. Edited by Danielle Audas. Shot by Jack Packard, Matt Ballard, Joe Denardo, Joe Bressler, Danielle Calodney & Stephen Tompson. Additional music by Ornament.


‘Freaked Out American Loser’ is out now!