The newest installment in our ongoing Microdose monthly music series is here! The next one is brought to you by Total Heat, the newest project by multi-instrumentalist Ross Chait. Total Heat’s A-side single for Microdose is “On the FM,” a joyful piece of transcendent pop music.

Ross describes the origins of the song in its track premiere in Alt Citizen, stating “‘On the FM’ was the first song I wrote in the Total Heat catalogue and it’s meant to be a slightly tongue-in-cheek but mostly genuine testament to the cathartic and healing power of music. It addresses a feeling that’s been a theme throughout my life, the feeling of being freed from crippling alienation and out-of-place-ness through great songs and loud, joyful sounds.”

The music video later premiered in Northern Transmissions. Check out the video premiere here and listen to “On the FM” on your preferred music platform.