The latest installment in our ongoing Microdose monthly music series comes from Total Heat, a project by multi-instrumentalist Ross Chait. Total Heat’s newest single “L.A. Song” is out now.

Total Heat’s A-side single “On the FM” from several weeks back was a joyful piece of transcendent pop giving testament to the cathartic and healing power of music. “L.A. Song” slows down the tempo but continues down the transcendent path. Balloon Machine noted in the track’s premiere that Chait “has no intention of playing it safe” on the new song. It begins with “arpeggiated synths, sporadic uses of the kick drum and Chait’s distant, tron-like vocal” that later “blooms into sheer hedonism, the drums rolling and Chait singing ‘Your face/Now you’re gone’ over and over in a call-and-response like fashion.” The track concludes with the same lonesome synth motif it begins with, establishing Chait’s songwriting prowess and penchant for unusual yet ear-catching musical arrangements.

Buzzbands LA premiered the “L.A. Song” music video today to coincide with its release. Kevin Bronson writes that “Total Heat’s shambling synth-pop has the je ne sais quois of artists such as Ariel Pink, with a heart of gold.” Check it out now!

We will be announcing a very special Total Heat show in Los Angeles very soon to accompany these releases. Please stay tuned for details!