The latest album from the Los Angeles-based psychedelic supergroup Unknown Movie Night: Pi is out today!

Unknown Movie Night: Pi is the first musical offering from the ongoing series “Unknown Movie Night”: an evening where guests are invited to watch a film, eat popcorn, have a drink, and hear an improvised live score performed in real time by the band. The “unknown” aspect of the show is that neither audience nor band know what film it is until it begins.

Pi has been split into two parts, “Hi” and “Lo,” which differ in musical palettes but mirror each other in their respective sequences of movement. “Hi” starts things off with an undulating groove of liquid-like rhythmic patterns, reed glissandos, and dubbed-out Mellotron pads that establish a murky sonic environment before breaking down into a swirl of rattling hand percussion and dramatic synthesizer chords. The track carries on with this pattern of building and releasing tension by melding a strong sense of groove with bursts of more freeform instrumentation. The album’s second half “Lo” takes the listener even further out with a heavier reliance on abstract atmospheres and beat-less ambient excursions. “Lo” brings together moments of both tranquility and dissonance to create a compelling whole and ties the album together in a manner that reflects its cinematic origins.

The album is available to listen to and purchase here and you can dive in to the world of Arthur King and everything they do at their official website.