Taking visual cues from the ’50s crooners, ‘60s girl groups, Muscle Shoals, and Motown musicians that are the inspiration behind his forthcoming February 22nd sophomore solo release Hear Me Out, Murray A. Lightburn has just shared the video for new single and “Shindig!-worthy burner” “To The Top” with Under The Radar.

The black and white video simply features Murray and his message about family and adult relationships wrapped in a gorgeous pop song.

“This track turned out to be a shout out to my family; an oath that I will never stop working to make our life together the best it can be,” Lightburn explains. “I wanted to make certain that it’s on record, that no matter what is hurled at me or at us, I’m gonna keep at it and that everything I do… (in a raspy voice) ‘I do it forrr yooouuu…’ I hope that as personal as all of this sounds, that anyone can relate to what I’m saying here.”

Check out the “To The Top” video below, pre-order Hear Me Out on your favorite digital platform and be sure to check out our webstore for limited signed copies of the album!