With the stark contrast between their home bases in Detroit and LA informing the laid-back melancholy of the music, Moke Hill’s smoothly polished rock reverberates with both the blue-collar work ethic of their Midwestern roots and the sunny optimism of the West Coast.

Dangerbird is proud to announce the release of the band’s upcoming full-length album, Time Stops Moving on Friday, August 7th.

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Ben Berry and Drew Phillips first began writing and recording together as Moke Hill in 2013.  Despite a friendship that dates back to their Detroit grade school days, they didn’t get serious about making music together until Berry was in Chicago while Phillips was on the west coast. Their collaboration unfolded organically through the cloud, which sounds oxymoronic, but such are the times in which musicians now connect, both with each other and with fans.

The self-release of Moke Hill’s debut EP and its sparkling single “Detroit” coincided with the dawning of the streaming era, enabling Berry and Phillips to access digital tools for sharing their music that were as intuitive as the tools for making the music had been.  They set about being proactive in the social and streaming spaces in a natural yet industrious way and were able to connect with fans, generate media notice and make enough actual money on their own to be featured by Wired Magazine as an example of how it can be done.

In 2015, with Berry settled back in a freshly energized Detroit and Phillips in Los Angeles with his former Eulogies band mate Peter Walker in the mix for recording the follow up, Time Stops Moving became a sort of homecoming for far-flung friends. Beneath upbeat melodies, gorgeous guitar textures and choruses that reach for the skies, Time Stops Moving explores dark themes in turbulent times.