We are happy to announce that we will be releasing a new accompaniment to Matt Costa’s full-length Santa Rosa Fangs from earlier this year – Santa Rosa Fangs (Novella Edition) will serve as a supplemental concept album telling the same story from a different angle with alternate song versions as well as excerpts of spoken word narration from Matt. The full track list is available below. Re-experience the story this October 5th when we release the Novella Edition.


1. Santa Rosa Chapter I
2. I Remember It Well
3. Sharon
4. Grudge
5. Pacific Grove
6. Santa Rosa Fangs
7. Santa Rosa Chapter II
8. Time Tricks
9. Coming Around
10. Ritchie
11. Phosphorescent Letter
12. Windy Smile
13. Real Love
14. I Remember It Well #2
15. Santa Rosa Chapter III
16. Evening Star
17. Lovely Saturday
18. Real Love (Alternate Version)
19. Pacific Grove (Alternate Version)
20. Coming Around (Alternate Version)

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